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member since Apr 7, 2013 Contact

Jobs by xristoforos456

I will answer anything you ask about the program from basic to advanced and from classical to avande-garde notation, how to write something correct musically as easy as it can get.

I will answer in most understandable way any question about compression, equalization, gates, bit analysis, sample rates, equipment or anything that has to do with audio mixing and mastering.

I will explain simply and understandable anything considering symphonic orchestra, orchestration and classical music. I will give you tips on how to make your vst orchestra sound more realistic, or how to write for live orchestra.

I can translate any text from English to Greek and from Greek to English up to 100 words. For larger projects please order equal amount of gigs.

I will create 4 different sound effects like metal clashes, lazers, gunshots, animal sounds etc and small loopable samples like enjines, machines, horse galloping etc. (each sound up to 2 sec).

I will write and record symphonic music of any style that sounds as real as possible! I have a variety of symphonic libraries and synth sounds and I can produce a high quality sound. I will create an original track of half a minute for you. If you need a longer just order more gigs or contact me. If you need contemporary; instrumental; pop, rock, classical, symphonic or elecronic ORIGINAL, royalty free music then you have just found it!

I will restore or master your track for $5

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Either it is a low quality sound which you want to improove (audio restoration) or raw material I will make it sound crystal clear and professional. Mastering a track has lots of benefits including making your track sound the best it can possibly sound. Studios charge alot for this process. I will master any type of track but please provide good original content. Wave or aiff format for best results. 320kbps mp3 acceptable but not encouraged!

I will mix your tracks up to 5 minutes make them ready for mastering session. As many tracks there are I will do it professionally and make the sound as even as possible. If the tracks are longer than 5 minutes please contact me.

I will edit your audio track for $5

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I will edit one track up to 5 minutes and do whatever you like with it. Shorten, cut, make it faster or slower, change the pitch, remove clicks or plops, clean the noise, or even make it just funny! It is really up to you!

I will help you learn your music part faster by creating an audio realization of your music sheet on any instrument you like using sample library. For a multi-instrument score please contact me.