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I'm a blogger, an engineer, and love social networking.I love to tweet random things that came through my mind and thought.Some of them are silly, some of them are simply brilliant.

Jobs by princeofperlu

Do you need more feedback/comments/reviews on your product or iPhone application?A great review or testimonial is known to increase sales, attract customers and increase marketing efforts.I will review them for you.Giving you 2 paragraphs of positive review.But no adult related product..

Your tweet, link, message, video,website or advertisement will be tweeted to my and my buddy's account. I'm being followed by 1k awesome followers combined with another 15k from my buddy.Some of them are artist,singer, actors, bloggers and also tweet famous that have thousand of followers.I will not accept explicit content.Just make sure its between 135 characters due to Twitter LIMITATION.Thank you.